About Us

About PendaKenia

PendaKenia e.V. is a non governmental and non profit organisation, which supports several projects in the context of education, hygiene, the encouragement of women in the Kenyan society, as well as tackling the issue of circumcision of women and forced marriage through education mostly in Kisii, Kenya. PendaKenia cooperates with other  local organisations in Kenya as well as with other German organisations such as  the developing network of Hessen (EPN) in order to enable a better communication and cooperation between NGOs to be able to develop a broader understanding of social issues in Kenya. PendaKenia e.V. is rooted in Griesheim, Germany and is run by volunteers with  Gladys Burk as the head and the founder of the organisation, who migrated from Kenya to Germany.

The official website of PendaKenia e.V.: http://pendakenia.org/pendaKeniaD/Willkommen.html

Der Verein

PendaKenia e.V. ist ein auf Ehrenamtlichkeit und Gemeinnützigkeit basierender Verein, welcher sich seit mehreren Jahren für Bildung, verbesserte hygienische Verhältnisse, für die Stärkung der Frauen in der kenianischen Gesellschaft und gegen Beschneidung und Zwangsverheiratung in Kenia, hauptsächlich in der Gegend Kisii, einsetzt. Dabei kooperiert PendaKenia e.V.  mit Organisationen wie dem Entwicklungspolitischen Netzwerk Hessen, sowie mit lokalen Organisationen aus Kenia zusammen, um ein besseres Netzwerk für entwicklungspolitische Zusammenarbeit aufzubauen und auf die Bedürfnisse und Probleme vor Ort  besser eingehen zu können.

About us


My name is Jona Kappei, I’m 18 years old and I live together with my family in Griesheim, Germany. After 12 years of school I  finally graduated in June and will attend university in 2016. Before attending university I will go to Kisii, Kenya, as a member of the NGO PendaKenia, to work on local projects.

Personally I love to do sports in my free time, so I am in a soccer club for about 15 years now, but I also used to swim for 7 years, did martial arts for 6 years and currently joined a men’s dance club. Sport really helps me to handle my daily life and to me it is a great joy.

Furthermore I’m very interested in learning about new cultures and it has always been very important to me to keep expanding my horizon. Due to that I did a lot of travels to many countries in Asia, Europe, Australia and America. I also did a 6 month High-School year in the USA and participated in an exchange with Brazil. My travels shaped my personality in a very positive way and taught me many valuable lessons. They also convinced me to join PendaKenia, because to me PendaKenia is doing great work in Kenya and I wanted to get active and be a part of their project.

011 My name is Sophia and I live in a village near Darmstadt, in the south of Germany. I am currently 18 years old and I graduated from High School in June. Since I grew up with three siblings I’ve been raised to be a team player. Therefore, I am looking forward to spend six months in Kenya with PendaKenia before I start to attend German University in April 2016.

In my free time I enjoy hobbies of all kinds. While I enjoy swimming and playing badminton with friends I do public relations for an exchange organization, which whom I spend ten months in the USA. I’ve been photographing friends, events and my travels for several years now.  I oftentimes organize things such as camping or small events for me and my friends.

I’ve participated in an exchange with France and was able to backpack Western-Europe in summer 2014. Since I was young my family has hosted many exchange students from France, the USA, Israel and Poland. I especially like to meet new people and learn about a new culture – a reason why I appreciate being part of PendaKenia and their work.

Our Work with PendeKenia e.V.

We will stay in Kisii, Kenia from September 2015 to March 2016 to work for PendaKenia as interns. We will support teachers of the elementary and middle school in Kisii with their work. Furthermore we will participate in the Alternative Rites of Passage. Before our stay we organized donations of all kinds to bring to Kenya. After attending a conference on Kenyan-German-Israeli triangular partnership we got involved with the Israeli NGO Mifalot, that tackle social issues through soccer. During our stay members of Mifalot will come to Kisii. Together with Mifalot we will be work to establish a soccer camp in connection with workshops. Adding to that we plan to organize several freetime activities such as drama productions and tutoring. Furthermore we work to establish a school partnership between the Onsando Academy in Kisii with the Gerhard-Hauptmann-Schule in Griesheim.

3 Antworten zu About Us

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  2. Joelle schreibt:

    Tolle sache ! Wünsche euch ganz viel erfolg und erfahrung .. Weiter so 👍:)

    Gefällt 1 Person

  3. Jürgen Peter schreibt:

    Hallo Jonas,
    ich wünsche Dir und auch Sophia eine tolle Zeit in Kenia. Viel Erfolg bei diesem großartigen Projekt und kommt gesund wieder. Viele Grüße aus Traisa Jürgen


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